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dark chocolate love [english version]
Jumat, 25 September 2009


My name is Sumino Aulia Putri and its my wrong way love story.I hope this love story isn’t with you….. Since baby I stay with my grandmother because my parents so busy to manage their business and didn’t care for everything about me.Though that I never less the love.My grandmother really love me.We also not insuffiency the money coz my parents always remain to send money for us.Hah…..money,just it they have to give. When I twenty years old,my grandmother die.I feel so sad,I lost the one and only the people who really loves me.And perforcedly I must stay in ‘Evil’s Kingdom’ a.k.a my parents house.Its a really quietly house coz the peole inside there always busy in outside. In begins I think I can do this.Get happy lifes at home as like as kingdom with my ministrant and enjoying the facility in there,but the realize I can’t.Slow but sure I feel bored and alone.I really miss the love which given by my grandmother before.I wanna get someone who really care with me... And then I start to do assorted of mischief to drawning the attention of my parents and all of the people who around of me.Then they’re finally care with me and I enjoyed that.But that its only take place for a while.Along elapsing of the time they’re feel bored with my behavior.Therefore when I did assorted of mischief again,they just let it go.Please,understanding….I need all of you……

“Eh…that its Sumino,isn’t??Don’t so nearly with her.She’s problem carrier”
“Neglectless with Sumino.She’s trouble maker”

They always say it when see me.For all of them,I’am just a bitchy girl.They judge me without known what had happened with me. I always alone.I didn’t have a friend and even like didn’t have parents too.I hope and pray,one day I can get the love from my father or my mother. My expectation is granted…. My father have a serious suffering disease and have to be take care of home.Since that,Iwe’re become so close.Even after heal,my father still care and close with me.And I think its enough for me although my mother still bussy in her office.Then,I’ll become asweet girl and don’t behave again.
I feel my life found that shine…

“Mino,why you like to do something bitchy before?”said Jingga,my new friend
“Umm,I just wanna do the different things”ask me lie “Oh…but I like you now,you’re more pleasing so I’m not afraid with you”

So that,my reputation even also was change.I have so many friends and don’t feel alone again.Nowadays my home even also becoming the pleasant place. Until one day I feel something different….

“Dad,this day…my friend say with me that he want to be my boyfriend”
“That’s good,my little daughter is great coz have captivated the boy”
“Ha???why dady didn’t prohibit me??”
“Should I do that??I oppositely to hear that and proud of you”

I don’t understanding what happen with me.I feel angry to know my father proud of me because of that.I want my father angry with me and prohibit me to get boyfriend. Day after day I progeressively love my father and won’t go too far from him.I never felt like this before.Maybe I miss the parents buttonhole which losed from me during twenty years ago.But,the occurent in the dusky night makes me realizing something,that its not just child-parents love…. That night I saw my parents making love.Its make me feel angry to my mother.I’m jealous with her….. Then I realize my feeling,I love my father more than chil-parents love,its make me fear.I don’t know what I have to do. I know this feeling may not be let long drawn out so I’ll try to get boyfriend and make a relationship.But all of that is useless,I can’t lie my hearts feeling.I love my father… Then,I set mind to say that,I don’t care what will be happened soon coz all important is my father know all of this. The moment arrive…

“Mmmm,Dad…”I said that with entering the reading room
“What happen,Mino??”said my father at the same time readed on
“I….I wanna say something”
“I love you Dad…”
“I know..me too”
“But…its not a simply child love parents.Its like a love of a woman to man”

At once,my father placing his holded book above the table and even see me.I cry and then said…

“Forgive me dad…I don’t understand what will be happened”
“Ssstttt” Father paste up his forefinger in my lip then embrace me warmly makes me feel calm and desisting to weep.
“I feel the same what you feel,don’t cry…..”said my father bland

I even also surprise to hear my father confession but I feel happy.I’m speechless and only embrace my father hand in glove.Then my father said..

“That is a God Grace,what I feel to you is really different from what I feel to your mother.In fact,I didn’t love your mother.We’re made a match”
“But Dad…we are….”
“Don’t worry about our status[?].Mino,you exactly is not my child contain.Your mother have pregnant before married”

What??I really surprised to hear that.So,who’s my father??But,its better.I can consist with my father as a lover couple.Father also tell me,he’s feel angry and jealous when I have a boyfriend but he doesn’t to show that coz he won’t make me fear and disgust.And now he’s feel happy coz he knows I love him too.
After experiencing sufficient the relationship,I have pregnant so that we decide to tell this relationship with my mother.My father also wanna marry with me immediately and lifes together. Such as those which I have to think,my mother really surprised to hear that and she’s can’t accept the fact.This matter makes my mother incurred by heart attack and die.My father said with me maybe its our way to be together.When I hear that,I feel very happy.And finally we’ll marry…… I avoided by every single person who loves me at the first.Nowadays they’re feel so disgust to me.My family even also not to confess me.I lost everything but I get my love.I think this as sacrifice….
“Mom…forgive me”


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