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strawberry chocolate love [english version]
Rabu, 23 September 2009

“I love you,Kayla…”
That’s the last words that I heared from her pale lip.I very hateful myself who can be an egoist people and not own feeling. Until this day,the time where I trample upon the feet in her last resting place,the feeling to sin always blanketing myself. Seven years ago I came in contact with her,the girl with owning angel smile.
“hai,what are doing in front of teacher office?are you a new pupil?Oh,I’m Faisha,just call me Fai,we’ll be friends,aren’t you?And who are you?” “Yes,I’m…my name Kayla,great to recognize”
Early very brief acquaintanceship but I don’t know why I feel very balmy with her like getting a blood sister which during the time I want it.Elapse it our time is both even also finally become very chummy and don’t broke apart .Her family as my family.Its very greatful,I don’t solitude again and feel bored who can be a single child.My life becomes respect and complete because of her,a friend.
“Kay…we are BFF (Best Friend Forever),isn’t it??” “Yeah Fai,why suddenly you say that?” “I only enquire,we don’t know what will be happened soon.Maybe we will quarrel the excitement and even until become an enemy just because of small matter.For example…is like…” “Like what?” “….Like a love problem” “hah??your intention is because a boy???Fai…You are very bizarre” “Just for example,although later I have to choose,I will chosen you as my friend and discharge that boy” “Hah??If that boy also like me.I will accept your retreating but if that boy is like you,I will discharge him for you.You don’t given in just because of I is your friend,ok?” “……..”
The time non-stoped to elapse…..
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Kay…I don’t believe it,we can be a student of Senior High School.Its likely yesterday we meet,the times in Junior High School is very pleasant and surely the moment when coming in contact with you which ponder like a lose child in front of teacher office,hahaha” “Listening…I’m not a lose child but the child which real correct to being lost….hahahaha.Although I think its right too,that’s very pleasant.In reality,we old fair to middling fraternizing soon” “Yes…hope we will be like this forever,amin” “Amin…hope our classmate later also can be please and I really hopefully the boy who can be our classmate is very handsome…hahaha” “It’s an always something else….hahahaha” “I think its fair,right?I’m normally moreover we will be adult as soon as possible.And then we are surely will start to recognize love,hihihi” “Yeah…but I’m not yet to think it” “Really??or you don’t frown upon a boy,its so scary…hahaha” “What?do you think I’m a lesbian?But even if I’am a lesbian,my goals is you,hahaha” “oh no,you’re scared me…hahaha”
That the moments,we can still make a joke and laughing about everything without realizing what will be happened soon.We just feel,we can passing the respecting time in Senior High School like the moment of Junior High School,which full of laugh.Finally its early begins,the begins with all chaos to break anything. First day when I entered the school or more precisely the first experience to become a students of Senior High School is represent the day where I recognize and start to feel my first love.
“Hai…is it a X 1 class right??I’m Gery,who are you?”
When I want to see the people who conversing me and reply it,,Oh my God……that people who standing next to me is really perfect,he have a sweety smile and fairy eyes,that makes me wish to own him for myself.My chest ticking boisterous considerably like want to jump out.Is that love at the first sight??
“Hallo….that is something wrong?????”said the people who standing next to me with flourishing hand “Eh…what??its a…um…what did you said before??” “Take it easy…I ask,is it a X 1 class,right?and my name is Gery,who are you?” “Oh…I’m..I’m Kayla,nice to meet you and yes…..yes,it is a X 1 class.Are you in this class,I mine you are apart of X 1 class??” “Yes,I’am and you too,isn’t??Hopely we can be a good friend” “y-yes” “Oh…I hope your habit of nervous are losed when we meet again,hehehe….see you….”
That’s great,he’s in my class.Its make me want to jumping and happy cheer.I run away alongside of corridors to find out my best friend,Faisha.I want to tell this with her.She must know I’ve found someone who ‘stolen my heart’.After run away to arounding half of school and feel fatigue,I found her in the library. Coz of love,I forget it,Faisha favourite place is library.
“FAISHA!!!!!!!!!”I called her loudly “Hey,that is not field.If you want to called someone with loudly like that is not in here!It’s library and you disturbing the calmness!!”said librarian followed by angry face of dweller librarian. Oh my God I forget it again,I’m in library.This feeling was makes me crazy and forget everything. “Calm down honey,why you must called me loudly like that??”said Faisha with ignorant smile “I’AM” “ssttt…don’t say it loudly.Do you want we must chucked out of library??Just say it slowly” “fuuhh…….ok,hear this Fai,I have meet the coolest boy.Swear,I can’t say anything in front of him.I’m like a foolish girl” “Umm…should you a foolish girl,aren’t you??hahaha”Faisha joking “Ah…shit,,I’m serious,Fai.I think I’m falling in love” “wow…congratulation my beautiful sistah.So,who’s that lucky boy?Lets intoduce him to me” “He’s our classmate with name Gery.Sooner or later you can meet him” “Gery……” “Yeah,why??Do you know him?” “Umm….”
That’s time I don’t understand what Faisha thinking of?but I don’t care about it coz my mind is fulfilled about Gery,the boy who can make me looked fool.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Two years elapse,and soon I will take off my Senior High School uniform.Although that,my love still like before,not have a new progress.Gery still good and close to me but as a friend.Somehow,I always care for everything about him and show my heart feelings but he will not understand that.I tell all of that to Faisha and she always give me spirit so that I don’t surrender and she’s also make me to keep this feelings.Its hard to forget him……..
“Kay,don’t be hopelessly.Maybe Gery is like that,less to sensitive about love.I believe one day,you can be together and I will help you to make it real before we pass the study” “Thanks Fai,I think I will not holding on until now and don’t know what I want to do without you.I almost madness when I’m thinking about him.I want to forget him but I can’t,day after day I progressively love him.I wish he becomes my boyfriend only for one day” Then,Faisha embracing me and say…..
“I will help you and maybe it’s the time”

Tradition of our school at the parting event is dancing couple.Therefore,before the parting events come,all of student in my school trying so hard to taking someone go there.There is no couple means loser,and its explain you to not going there except you have a big lose face to be a substance laugh for all people in there and must sit down alone.Ah,I really hateful that stupid tradition.I wish before the parting event,I will be Gery’s girlfriend but its only my dream.I think we(I and Faisha) must have to arrest to coming in parting event.I wouldn’t coming in there without Gery as my couple and I believe,Faisha wouldn’t coming too. Today I only can stare at my friends smile coz they have a couple and can go to parting event.Sitting drawn in canteen(?),bewailing my destiny which don’t as lucky as them is only I can do.
“Hai Kay….how ponder you?”
“What the hell!!who’s distur……eh Gery”I said that with drawning my hand fist “wah….am I disturbing you?”
“Eh…that’s…doesn’t matter.Sorry,,I won’t to beat you….umm,what happen??”

“Would you coming in the parting event with me?I’ll pick up you at 07.00 o’clock,bye…”
Hah????am I mishear??Gery invite me to go to the parting event,its gone to fast as like as dream,I can’t believe it.
“Kay,don’t be ponder like that.You’re not dreaming,Gery’s really invite you going to the parting event”said Faisha and sit beside me
“Eh Fai,did you hear that?”

“Iyupz,so clearly…I was stealing to hear defecting you,hehehe”
“Finally he’s inviting me,I must look perfect tonight…you too”

“Ha?Why?I can’t go there,nobodys invite me”
“Upz…You have to go coz I won’t go there without you.Take it easy,I will ask Gery to find someone for you so that we can go together”

“he’eh…”she’s reply shorten
Parting event,fact is opened…. It’s a beautiful night,I can’t hiding what I feels…happy.Since Gery pick me at home,I can’t stop to smile.I think that’s the way to being his girlfriend.This night,Gery must know my heart feeling.I will say it……… One minute after dancing,I lost Gery and Faisha.I immediately look for them coz I need Faisha and must say something to Gery,my heart feelings.
That voice as like as Faisha voice,and then I go to that voice.Realize,that is Faisha and Gery in within.
“Fai,what happen to you??Why you sacrifice your feeling for Kayla?”said Gery
Ha??whats meaning of that??why they said my name?And what happened among Faisha and Gery?All that question daze in my head.
“Kayla falling in love with you since she saw you at the first.As she’s friend I have to give she’s spirit in consequence my promise.I will discharging…….”
“Discharging me?????Fai,you should know I came so far to school in here because of you and you also have known I love you from first but you don’t say anything so that its can be happened.Tell me,what happen to you??I know you love me too”

“Fai….because of you,I invited Kayla go to that parting events,dance with her,and must saw you with another boy.Although that I have to be patient coz Ithink you will accept my love coz you have promised.And now,you promise me to express the love for Kayla.Why????”
Like pounced by thunder,I feel very surprised to hear all of that.Faisha,why she’s so stupid??I don’t believe it.

“Kayla?”shocked Faisha
“Fai..why you so virulent to me??why you don’t say it before?I’m disappointed of you….did you think I’ll compliment to you for all of these and feel happy??I don’t believe it.I don’t need a pity felt from you.You should say it before.YOU VIRULENT ME….!!!!!!!”
Vaguely,I hear Faisha scream my name but I just run away and don’t caring about that.I’m so disappointed,and then my tears also emit a stream of to fill disappointment of my heart. Ought to this tonight must becomes the happiest night,not becoming the bad night which full of tears. Since that night occurance,Faisha always try to meet me but I also try to avoid it.She’s try to call me by phone and even to give me a letter too but again and again I avoid it coz I really disappointed for her attitude.My parents also advise me to don’t ossify to Faisha coz all people surely have did something wrong if God can give the forgiveness,why we as the human can’t give that?? But I don’t hear that advise.I disappointed,really disappointed….she’s betrayed me.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

One month ago…… I hear Faisha is in the hospital and she’s always call my name.Even hear that.I won’t to meet her but her parents weep and ask me to meet Faisha in there so that I want. On the way to the hospital.Faisha’s parents explain me about everything.Faisha have an seriously disease since in Junior High School.Because of that she’s doesn’t have a friend though she’s want.She’s always passing the time in the hospital,therapy and therapy.And then she’s feel saturated with all and surrender to accept her destiny.But since she’s meet me,she’s like have an owning spirit of life.She’s want to therapy again and follow the doctor suggestion.
“So that Kay…Faisha really love you and assuming you like her sister.And she have said with me to sacrifice what she have to you as long as its can make you smiles coz she want to see you at last with smile”said aunt Mira,Faisha’s mother.
Oh my Godness,so because of that Faisha did all of this??I’m so stupid,just think my ownself.I don’t have to try to make Faisha feels happy,all I wanna do is only realize my desire. I have to apologize to Faisha and help her to immediately heal her disease but the destiny is dissimilar… Arrive at the hospital,I only have the time to show my smiles when Faisha says…
“I love you Kay….”
One second later,she’s leave this world forever without hearing my forgiveness…..I feel chest oppress,I lost the people who really love me,my true friend….



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