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Jumat, 21 Januari 2011


A light dances among the clouds and seasons pour down on the meadow.
Now it begins.....
Turning around to a friends's voice
as they're running towards me.
There is a smile that never changes.

The rays of light sparkle when walking along the frozen path in winter.
How many times have I been saved by the passing cheer me up?
I want to be like you
I want to be like you
someone who gives others courage



This is the time
show the world who are we
hold my hand tightly
keep this dream together

Stand up at that stage
Sing a song loudly
Leave the note dance with a big smile
Let it be

This is our love song
About you and me, about us

You write this lyric
I make some voice
Lets combine it with a great arrange
C'mon show the world who are we

This is our love song
About you and me, about us

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